Get Your Beauty Sleep – Sleep Aids On Trial

From scented room sprays and relaxing herbal teas to new duvets and mattress toppers. There are thousands of products on the market that claim they can help you get to sleep and wake up looking well-rested. But do any of them actually work?

To put some of them to the test, we enlisted two beauty bloggers who were facing up to the effects a lack of sleep can have on their appearance. Did our personalised sleep packs help them get the beauty-rest they craved? Find out here…

“I no longer need that caffeine hit”

The problem:

Having recently moved house (one of the most stressful events we’ll go through in life), beauty blogger Eloise of Frolics and Fashion has had trouble sleeping, often waking several times during the night. She’s been starting most mornings already feeling sleep-deprived – and turning to caffeine throughout the day to give her an energy boost. She knows that the caffeine’s not helping at night, but she still can’t resist that final cup of tea before bed.

The sleep aids:

• Feather pillow
Mattress topper
• Neom essential oil set
• Duvet
• Herbal tea

The results:

“The herbal tea in the Bensons sleep kit really helped with the caffeine-before-bed problem, and the awesome mattress topper transformed my budget mattress into a cloud. I now feel much perkier in the mornings and no longer crave that caffeine hit.”

Before                                                          After

We think Eloise looks fabulous after a great night’s sleep. Check out her tutorial to achieve her natural make-up for yourself.

“I didn’t feel as stiff in the morning”

The problem

As the beauty blogger behind That’s Peachy, the nature of Tor’s job means that she finds it hard to switch off at night. “I work from home and I’m on the laptop a lot, so my mind is always racing. I often wake from vivid dreams during the night.” Once awake, the bright streetlights outside Tor’s bedroom window have been stopping her from dropping off again.

The sleep aids

Feather pillow
• Neom essential oil sleep set
• Duvet
• Camomile tea
• Eye mask

The results

“Before bed, I had a bath using the Neom Intense Night Repair Oil, applied the Deep Sleep Treatment to my wrists and temples and enjoyed a cup of the camomile tea. I then sprayed my pillow with the Neom Pillow Mist (which smells amazing!) and put on my sleep mask.
“I had a great sleep, and didn’t feel as stiff as I usually do in the mornings.”

Before                                                          After
We think Tor looks beautifully well-rested. To achieve a natural, fresh-faced look, take her spring makeup tutorial.

Want to get a better night’s sleep? Start with the right bedding. Check out our pillow and duvet guides to get started.

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