What is the ideal temperature for a good night’s sleep?

We sat down with food blogger and nutrition expert, Madeleine Shaw, to chat about some of the key ways by which we can adapt our lifestyle to be healthier and happier. In this series, we’ll explore how making a few quick and easy changes to our food and sleep routines can benefit us and improve many aspects of our lives.

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When it comes to getting a good night’s rest, there are a variety of factors to consider – diet, mattress, bedding etc. – but did you know that the temperature of your room is an integral component to how well you sleep? Here, Madeleine talks to us about the ideal temperature for falling and staying asleep.

While the perfect temperature for sleeping can vary from person-to-person, Madeleine says she’s at her most comfortable at around 18 degrees Celsius. To achieve this, avoid leaving your bedroom radiator on during the day and invest in a thick, warm duvet to keep off the chill.

What else can help me get a good night’s rest? 

If you’re struggling to fall or stay asleep at night, there are a number of other ways which could help alter this negative pattern, including:

Avoid caffeine and alcohol in the hours leading up to bedtime

Invest in a good quality mattress and bedding to keep you comfortable throughout the night

Drink a cup of chamomile tea before bed to help stop your thoughts from racing

Use ASMR techniques to help you relax

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