iGel™ – Keeping you cool in summer  

In the summer months, sleeping can be so difficult. Your bedroom is full of hot air, the sun pours in far too early in the morning and your mattress can feel like a furnace the second you lie down on it.  

The problem with many mattresses, and pillows for that matter, is that they don’t work with your body – they increase the heat and don’t deal with moisture adequately making you hot in summer and contributing towards chills when it’s cooler.  

That’s where iGel™ technology comes in.  

The benefits of iGel  

iGel™ material is specially created to tackle both the problems of feeling too hot and too cold while you sleep – it’s the perfect temperature regulator. The special crystals within iGel™ respond to your body temperature to absorb your body heat when you are too hot. When you’re too cold, it also works the other way and releases stored heat to warm you up.  

The most important thing is that it will keep you at a comfortable temperature all night, making you feel just right and contributing towards a decent sleep.  

Our new iGel™ with Ceramic Technology moves excess heat faster than ever before too.  

The iGel products available from Bensons for Beds 

At Bensons for Beds, we have several different iGel™ products all designed to aid your sleep.  


Each of our iGel™ mattresses are developed with 10cm of new formula iGel™ ceramic to create that just right–right now temperature comfort.  

Mattress toppers  

iGel™ mattress protectors work together in harmony with your existing mattress, keeping you at the ideal temperature. The waterproof backing will also protect your mattress from any spills, as well as bed bugs, dust mites or allergens.  


All our iGel™ pillows provide the same temperature regulating technology for your head. No longer will you struggle with pillows that increase the heat around your head in summer, iGel™ pillows will be the perfect partner to keep the temperature just right.  

Satisfying sleep could be just around the corner.  

Are there any other advantages of iGel 

Temperature is one thing that impacts how we sleep. Your sleep quality may also be affected by a mattress that is uncomfortable and doesn’t support your body in the right way – this can also be impacted by your sleeping position too.  

iGel™ works with your body, due to its memory technology. This gently soothes away pressure points by contouring to the unique shape of your body, creating an even and natural distribution of weight. It also promotes healthy body alignment, while the special iGel™ crystals concentrate together under the weight of your body to provide essential support where you need it most.  

For the perfect summer sleep, it’s all about the iGel™ 

Bensons for Beds

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