iGel™: the perfect winter warmer

The promise of a great night’s sleep is all too easily offered but delivering on this promise night after night is what sets iGel apart from everyone else.

Specially formulated in the US to tackle the problems of hot sweats or night-time chills, iGel’s intelligent temperature-regulating technology contains special crystals which help regulate your body heat and enhance your quality of sleep.

These special crystals in iGel work by preventing the retention of body heat and chilly airflows in your mattress, responding to your body temperature to absorb excess heat when you are hot or release stored heat when you are cold. The result is an optimal sleep temperature which not only enhances your quality of sleep but has various health benefits, too. The memory technology in iGel™ gently soothes away pressure points by contouring to your unique shape, distributing your weight evenly and promoting a natural body alignment for a great night’s sleep.

Let’s have a look at some of the products available in the iGel range:


Made exclusively for Bensons for Beds, our iGel™ mattresses are developed with between 5-10cm of new formula iGel™ ceramic to create that just right–right temperature comfort. All iGel mattresses are hypoallergenic and antibacterial, helping prevent the build of dust mites and allergens.

What’s more, all our mattresses are available as divan bed sets with a range of divan base options, various storage solutions and matching headboards.


 Looking for a cheaper alternative to help keep you warm in the winter? Look no further than iGel’s range of pillows. All the iGel pillows provide the same temperature-regulating technology as their mattress counterparts, at the fraction of the price. This side sleeper pillow is perfect if you prefer a firmer feel and helps soothe pressure points by adjusting to the contours of your body. Bliss.

Mattress Protectors

Made from 100% Tencel™, iGel’s mattress toppers work in harmony with your mattress to provide optimal temperature regulation all night long. Meanwhile, a fine waterproof backing protects from spills as well as dust mites, allergens and bed bugs.

For the perfect winter sleep, look no further than iGel™.

Explore the iGel collection here.

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