Infants ‘develop sleep patterns at 2-4 months’

Infants develop sleep patterns at 2-4 months

Babies tend to start settling into sleeping routines between two and four months of age.

This is the conclusion of a new study by researchers from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

According to the specialists, most infants will start to sleep through the night, but they add that it may take some time before their sleeping patterns marry up with those of their parents.

“The most rapid changes in infant sleep were found to occur over the first four months of life,” postdoctoral research fellow and author of the study Jacqueline Henderson stated.

The research, which may come as a surprise to some parents whose children wake up repeatedly in the twilight hours, was published in the journal Paediatrics and indicates that the sleep patterns of babies will eventually adapt to fit in with those of family members.

Parents seeking children’s beds may be interested in advice from the NHS website suggesting that keeping lights low, speaking in quiet voices and putting infants down as soon as they are fed and changed can all help with sleep.

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