Interior Trends: Wabi Sabi

What is Wabi Sabi?

Wabi sabi is set to be one of the biggest interior trends of 2018. But it’s not really a trend, and it’s not really that new either.

It’s actually a Japanese philosophy that’s been around since the 15th Century. It’s all about being grounded, closer to the earth, enjoying the simple pleasures of life and celebrating the beauty of the imperfections that exist in the world. Showcasing the importance of authenticity, accepting things as they are and not wishing for something better, are all key elements of the philosophy.

It sounds like something we can all adopt into our lives and our interior design aspirations. Here we’ll take you through the most important things.

Declutter and keep it simple

The first step is to rid your home of any unnecessary clutter, keeping things simple and celebrating the room for what it is rather than trying to change it with too many possessions.

If you have a wooden floor for example, leave it distressed and let its natural beauty shine through.

Celebrate the imperfections

We spend our lives wanting everything to be perfect, too often we ignore the beauty of older, worn items that truly have a story to tell.

The concept of wabi sabi is all about celebrating these imperfections and showcasing them in our interior stylings. If your leather sofa is showing signs of aging or your wooden coffee table is well used, don’t shy away from it. Put them centre stage and showcase their history.

Bring in the natural materials

A key aspect of wabi sabi is the creation of a deeper connection to the earth, making it essential to bring natural materials into your home when using it as inspiration for your interior stylings. It’s all about authenticity too, so you’ll want the real deal when it comes to your choice of materials.

Whether in the bedroom, lounge or kitchen; bring wood to the fore and develop that closer connection to the earth.

Earthy colour tones that soothe the soul are also ideal when it comes to redecorating or choosing your softer furnishings.

Keep that tech out of sight

The focus of the room and the styling should also be on the natural materials and gentle earthy tones. In the modern-day world, it’s too easy to focus your rooms around the latest tech – it’s time to change it up and hide your tech behind purpose-built units and furniture.

Wabi sabi is about appreciating what we have in life, rather than striving for more – put that tech away!

Focus on the things that matter

Remember, wabi sabi is focussed on the authentic and the simple pleasures in life. You won’t be able to achieve this feeling without creating your space around the things that really matter to you.

Having hidden your tech, brought in earthy tones and natural materials, make sure you always combine these with personal touches that speak to you and remind you of what’s important in life. Whether treasured possessions, family memories or keepsakes with a story to tell – they’ll all contribute to creating peace and serenity in your home.

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