iPhone glitch causes oversleeping

People across the country overslept on Monday morning after a software problem with iPhones caused their alarms to go off an hour late.

Reports suggest that owners of the Apple handsets have been complaining that while the time on their displays reset when the clocks changed at the weekend, their alarms failed to do so.

This meant that many people ended up spending longer than planned on their mattresses on November 1st when they returned to work after the adjustment for winter hours.

A glitch in the Apple iOS meant that alarm clocks did not automatically update, causing late wake up calls for those reliant on their iPhone to get them out of bed frames in the morning.

Many frustrated owners of the devices Tweeted about the delay caused to their day, with those still suffering from the problem advised to delete existing alerts and replace them with new ones.

In related news, a recent poll by the Sleep Council recently found that six out of ten respondents planned to spend an extra hour in bed on October 31st as a result of the clocks going back.

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