Job fears ‘can affect sleep’

Stress of job concerns can affect sleep

Ongoing concern about the security of one’s job can lead to sleeping difficulties, it has been claimed.

An expert from The Sleep Council, Jessica Alexander, said that there are things people can do before taking to their mattresses for the night.

Continued worries about the state of the economy is leading to individual concern over jobs, Ms Alexander said, noting that this then leads to sleeping difficulties.

However, taking some time to relax and allow the mind to disengage from the day’s worries can help to bring about a more pleasant sleep, she suggested.

She added that questions regarding how much sleep is needed per night will continue to be debated and said that the ideal amount is likely to vary from person to person.

“You can spend nine hours in bed but if it is disrupted you may only be getting five or six hours of sleep and not feeling terrifically good,” she said.

However, spending less time in bed but having a deeper sleep may actually prove to be a better use of mattresses , Ms Alexander added.

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