How to keep your mattress fresher for longer, using simple ingredients you have at home

There’s something very satisfying about climbing into a brand new bed with a mattress that feels plump and smells clean. Inevitably, your mattress will start to lose its pristineness after several years of use — especially if you don’t look after it.

Here we take a look at a few ways to help slow down your mattress’ degradation and keep it looking, smelling and feeling fresher for longer. 

Regularly flip your mattress over 

If you’re hoping to retain your mattress’ firmness every time you get into bed, it’s worth flipping it over every six months. This will help prevent it from sagging and becoming uncomfortable from having your body’s weight on it for hours on end. 

Vacuum your mattress 

As well as losing fluids when we sleep, we also shed a huge amount of dead skin. This all ends up in your bedding and mattress, leading to bad odours and dust mites if you don’t remove it.

Regularly vacuuming your mattress and around your bed is the best way to eliminate dust, especially if you suffer from allergies. Make sure you use the soft upholstery attachment on your vacuum to avoid damaging the surface of your mattress. 

Invest in a mattress protector 

Keeping your mattress free from stains is simple if you purchase a good protector. As well as keeping it clean, a mattress protector also adds extra cushioning and reduces the likelihood of dust getting into your mattress. 

Change your bedding regularly

This may not seem like an obvious way to protect your mattress but swapping your sheets at least every two weeks will significantly help to reduce lingering smells. We sweat a lot as we sleep and it typically soaks into things like our pillowcases and sheets — and then eventually our mattresses.

By changing your bedding regularly, you’ll not only keep it smelling fresh but also save your mattress from picking up unwanted aromas, too. 

Air your mattress out

Allowing the fabric of your mattress to breathe is crucial for reducing smells and ridding it of dust. When you come to change your sheets, leave the mattress bare for a while and open the windows in your bedroom so you have a fresh stream of air flowing through. 

How to clean stains off a mattress

Our mattresses can become stained from a whole manner of things, whether it’s little ones wetting themselves or yourself spilling a cup of tea while enjoying breakfast in bed. The most important rule when these accidents happen is that you clean the stain off as quickly as you can.

If you’ve not yet bought a mattress protector or it’s not quite saved your mattress from marks, there’s plenty of items that you’ll likely already have in your home that you can use to clean your mattress and give it a new lease of life. 

Lemon juice — A natural cleanser, lemon’s acidic properties makes it great at removing pesky stains.

Baking soda — This common baking ingredient is ideal for stain removal as it’s naturally moisture-wicking, meaning it’ll draw away any excess liquid in your mattress.

Washing up liquid — A mild solution of cold water and washing up liquid is perfect for removing stains as soon as they happen.

White vinegar — This may seem like a smelly solution but vinegar, as well as being an effective disinfectant, is also great at deodorizing fabric.

How to make your mattress smell fresh

There’s no shame in saying that our mattresses eventually start to smell. After all, we do spend a huge amount of time laying on them — around a third of our lives is spent sleeping — and they can easily soak up a whole host of liquids, from body fluids through to spilt drinks.

Before you think about replacing your beloved mattress due to its stench, though, why not consider a deep clean instead? Using products with chemicals in them can be harsh on your skin and wear down your mattress’ fibres so it’s often best to select a more natural solution.

One of the simplest ways to get your mattress smelling amazing is to add a few drops of your favourite essential oil into some baking soda. Scatter the mix on your bare mattress and rub it in gently before leaving it to soak in for an hour or so. Vacuum it up and allow your mattress to air for another hour before replacing the sheets.


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