Lack of comfort in bed ‘can be overcome by walking’

Lack of comfort in bed 'can be overcome by walking'

Lack of comfort in bed ‘can be overcome by walking’

People who suffer from problems while in bed, such as snoring and a lack of comfort, will find a more active lifestyle helps them, in the opinion of one expert.

Fox News reports on the views of Douglas Bradley, director at the Toronto Research Institute’s Sleep Research Laboratory, who said sitting down is bad for the body.

He noted excessive sitting – rather than standing, walking and even running – can be bad news and create snoring, breathing trouble and interrupted sleep.

Mr Bradley explained fluid gathers in a person’s legs when they sit for a long period of time and then moves to the neck once they lie down in bed.

He recommended getting up for a quick walk every hour or so, as this will help to combat the build up of fluid in joints.

Don Pennycook recently told the Toronto Sun that sleeping in the right position can be the key to beating conditions such as sleep apnea.

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