Lack of sleep may contribute to diabetes

Lack of sleep may contribute to diabetes

Lack of sleep may contribute to diabetes

Scientists in the US have discovered a possible link between lack of sleep and diabetes.

Providing bedroom furniture buyers with more reason to ensure they get adequate rest, the experts from the University at Buffalo, New York have suggested that getting fewer than six hours of shuteye a night could lead to the condition.

Published in the Annals of Epidemiology, the study revealed that the risk of diabetes increased in those subjects that secured less sleep by three times compared with those who spend between six and eight hours snoozing on mattresses.

Lead author Lisa Rafalson of the university’s Department of Family Medicine stated: “This research supports growing evidence of the association of inadequate sleep with adverse health issues.”

She noted that sleep restriction can increase cravings for calorie-rich foods, decrease glucose tolerance, push up cortisol levels and raise heart rates, which can interfere with the way the body regulates plasma glucose.

Meanwhile, recent studies have also linked adequate sleep to longevity in women and to helping those on diets to lose weight more effectively.

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