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We all love to buy British. Meanwhile, that classic Cool-Britannia-inspired look has never been so in. From less-than-subtle splashes of red, white and blue, to quirky accessories that radiate British charm, it’s a style that’s having a real moment.

To help you get going with your ‘Made in Britain’ themed makeover, we’ve put together these tips to help you get in the creative spirit. We’ve also included some great suggestions from our range that are perfectly suited to the occasion. And you guessed it – they’re all made in Britain.

Get the flags out

It’s a little obvious, but the most effective way to kickstart that ‘cool Britannia’ vibe in the bedroom is to apply a flag print somewhere.

It’s important you don’t try to overdo it with the flag, if you have it adorning every surface it’ll look a little busy. Pick one bedroom feature and use it as your union flag canvas. This might be the duvet cover and pillow cases you use, a print you position on the wall above the bed, or a colourful flag-motif rug.

When it comes to the furniture, the Henley Collection is the perfect accompaniment to all that red, white and blue. Its soft oak finish is timeless, while the rich walnut effect top and brushed metal handles bring a rustic feel.

Add a statement piece

British design doesn’t do things by halves. From the original Mini to the K2 telephone box and the tube map, we Brits make the ordinary extraordinary. Apply this principle to your ‘Made in Britain’ bedroom by including a statement design piece.

Victoria bed
This could be something as small as an ornament or a brass bedside lamp that really catches the eye, or as large as a piece of furniture – it’s entirely up to you.

We can’t get enough of the Imogen Buttoned Chair. Oozing classic design qualities, it comes in a vast range of fabrics and with two feet options, so can easily be matched to your room’s aesthetic. For a Brit theme, we recommend the classic red of the Topaz Mauve, while the Silver Crush is delightfully ostentatious.

Dare to go vintage

It’s only natural to eye-up all the sleek and minimalist finishes that define the 21st century look. But to catch that ‘Made in Britain’ aura, you need to be as willing to look backwards as you are forwards. Quintessential Britishness is about celebrating the old and the new side by side; so don’t be afraid to add a few vintage touches, such as a rotary telephone or an old trunk-style suitcase. If you’re feeling creative, you could even get stencilling flags and British-themed motifs onto the box.

For a real vintage centrepiece, the Isabelle Metal Bed Frame is a fantastic look. Its classic Victorian framing comes in both nickel and brass, striking a charming balance between antique and modern cues.

Include some luxury touches

‘British-made’ is synonymous with quality, so you’ll want to add those luxurious touches to really make your theme work. Try to get your hands on something handmade, a unique little piece you won’t find anywhere else. Using your mattress as a canvas, make sure you give your bed that ‘high-end hotel’ feel, with lots of cushions and throws, while some bespoke pieces on the wall will work a treat.

Harper Conran bed
For some real luxury flair, you can’t go wrong with the Kensington Upholstered Headboard. Handmade here in the UK, its elegant quilted finish gives off that ‘Chesterfield sofa’ aesthetic, with a great range of fabrics available for you to choose from. Standouts include the rich Slate Highland, which makes for the perfect backdrop to those quirky union flag cushions, while the Biscuit Highland is a much more neutral choice.

Get your ‘Made in Britain’ bedroom just right when you choose the nation’s favourite bed specialist, Bensons for Beds.

Bensons for Beds

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