Meditation Techniques to Help You Sleep

Say it with us; “tonight, I’m going to have a great night’s sleep”. It sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Now you’ve pictured it in your head and you’ve given yourself a little pep talk, it’s time to make it a reality.

According to our Sleep Wellness Survey, anxiety, work stress and family stress are three of the four top reasons Brits aren’t sleeping well. If your sleep problems are in your head, use your mind to fight back with some meditation techniques to help you get a deep and unbroken sleep.

  1. Mindful breathing

Take your attention away from those little thoughts that are nagging at the back of your head and stopping you relaxing. Simply concentrate on the flow of your breath and channel your mind to focus on that one simple and natural exercise. Negative thoughts will soon be gone.

  1. Make it deep

You can focus on your normal breathing, but it also helps to breathe from your abdomen. Place your hands on your belly and concentrate on how it moves inwards and outwards as you breathe deeply. This is a super simple yoga and meditation step you can bring into your normal sleep routine.

  1. Add some colour

Adding a little colour to your breathing exercises can help train and focus your mind. As you breathe in, centre your mind’s eye on one specific colour. For example, inhale blue, exhale blue, then change to inhale orange, exhale orange. Find the best colours and combinations that work for you, or suit the mood and moment. Focusing on something as simple as colour can really help clear the mind of its more complex challenges.

  1. Take yourself away with visual or guided imagery

It’s all about finding your happy place. Use your mind and imagination to transport yourself away from any negativity to a calm and tranquil place. Put yourself in a serene location and concentrate on the small details we ignore in everyday life. Use your senses. Inhale the smells into your nose, listen for the rustle of the wind and imagine the sun on your face. Try and combine this with your mindful breathing.

  1. Scan from head to toe

The next step in your breathing exercises is to envisage your breathing moving through your body in stages. As you breathe, train your thoughts on a different part of your body, starting from your head and down to your toes. Try and feel it travelling around the various sections of your body as you slowly sink down into your mattress.

  1. Get into a repetitive rhythm

Meditation is all about focussing your mind and readying yourself for relaxation. By addressing the simple things, you ignore life’s problems that your mind wants to overcomplicate.

Using rhythmic repetitive meditation is a great way to create the groundwork and train your mind to do this. Simply close your eyes and focus on the space between your eyebrows. Once you’re happy with that, mentally repeat the name of a loved one. The natural rhythm you create should train your mind to concentrate on one simple factor helping you to stop it doing any unwanted wandering.

And say it again. “Tonight, I will have a great night’s sleep.”

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