We are excited to announce our new partnership with sleep scientist Dr Sophie Bostock. As our official sleep expert, Sophie will bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support our continued ambition to help the nation achieve Sleep WellnessTM.

Sophie has spent the last five years developing and launching the award-winning digital improvement programme Sleepio (available free on the NHS).  After conducting extensive research into improving wellbeing at work and how happiness can protect against heart disease, Sophie found the answers lay in sleep – the unsung hero of mental and physical resilience.

This is just one of the many reasons why we know you will be mesmerised by her wealth of knowledge just like we are! Sophie’s overall passion and enthusiasm for the science of sleep is simply infectious.

Helen Nunn, Bensons for Beds Marketing Director says: “We are delighted to welcome Sophie to the team.  She is as passionate as we are about educating people on the importance of Sleep WellnessTM and we look forward to working with her on a number of exciting projects next year.”

Sophie adds:

“I am thrilled to be collaborating with Bensons for Beds. Sleep is an incredibly powerful lever for improving health and wellbeing, and yet is still widely neglected, and misunderstood. I’m hugely looking forward to working with Bensons to help staff, customers and the public to become more confident about how to sleep well.”

 While our plans for next year are still under wraps, we did ask Sophie to supply us with some sleep tips to help us get through the party season and she did not disappoint:

  1. Plan ahead – if you’re well rested, you’ll be more resilient to partying the night away, and recover more quickly
  2. Avoid duvet days. Aim to stick to your normal wake time, within an hour or so, to avoid disrupting your body clock
  3. If you can’t keep your eyes open, a 15-20 min nap after lunch could be enough to pep up your energy and mood
  4. Alcohol disrupts sleep and makes you weary and forgetful the next day, so to maintain your festive cheer, switch to soft drinks as soon as you’re feeling merry
  5. Espresso Martini at 1am? Sounds great, but not so great for sleep. Switch to decaf after 4pm (and see above).

 We don’t know about you, but we’ll certainly be putting these tips into practice these next few weeks!

Click here for more information on Sophie.


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