Memory foam mattresses ‘reduce pressure on spines’

Memory foam mattresses re-mould to the contours of the body to absorb rather than resist weight and reduce pressure on joints in the spine, it is claimed.

An article in the Telegraph on beds and bedding materials also suggests that individuals should check the coil count when purchasing as this is indicative of the amount of support provided, with pocket spring products available with almost 8,000.

Writer David Nicholls notes: “We spend about a third of our lives in bed, so it is worth investing some time and money to make it as comfortable as possible.”

On the subject of bed frames, he pointed out that Sleep Council research suggests people in the UK are not sleeping in large enough beds, as mattresses should be “at least six inches longer than the tallest person sleeping on it”.

Meanwhile, a recent Bupa study of 1,000 individuals indicated that the UK economy is losing out on an estimated £1.6 billion annually as a result of workers being overtired, something that more comfortable beds could help with.

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