Move kids’ bedtimes ‘to increase sleep’

Adjusting children's bedtimes can ensure they get adequate sleep

Adjusting children’s bedtimes can ensure they get adequate sleep

One way of ensuring that children get the right amount of sleep to ensure they perform well at school is to move bedtimes forward 30 minutes.

This is the advice given by WTOP, which claimed that parents should consider such action in order to “function optimally”.

By adjusting routines, the news source noted that many children may not be getting as much sleep as they should and so recommended sending them to children’s beds rather than permitting them another half hour of television or time on the web.

Experts from the National Institutes of Health suggest that 11 to 13 hours per night is required by pre-schoolers, while those aged five to 12 need ten or 11 hours and 12 to 18 year olds should get 8.5 to ten hours.

Meanwhile, parenting expert Betsy Flagler recently advised in the Charlotte Observer that action should be taken to restore good sleeping patterns in children who are not getting enough rest as it can affect the whole family.

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