National Spring Cleaning Week: How You Can Create the Ultimate Zen in the Bedroom

Spring is finally upon us; and that means it’s time to get serious about tidying. It’s the perfect season for decluttering our homes and getting everything prepared for the pleasant months ahead.

It’s undoubtedly true that the state of our homes affects our perspective and mood. This is in line with the basic principles of Feng Shui – the belief that we can enhance our potential through improving our spaces, that creating the right energy there can benefit all the occupants.

For National Spring Cleaning Week (5-11th March 2018), we teamed up with Feng Shui expert Priya Sher. Here, she gives us her top tips for creating the ultimate zen in the bedroom.


Apply the perfect colour scheme

It’s a good idea to keep your wall colours light and neutral, with pastels creating a particularly relaxing vibe. Using a dark wall colour in a room that gets little natural light can make the space too negative and moody, and this could dull your energy. On the flip side, bright colours in a naturally well-lit space can create an energy that’s too active, resulting in a space where it’s difficult for you to properly relax. This makes pastels a safe bet. If you’d like to carry those warming pastel tones through to your bedroom furniture, the Rio Collection in Swiss Elm and Grey Gloss is a great place to start.


Add ambience through lighting

The lightest months of the year may be upon us, but you’ll still be spending plenty of time relaxing in the bedroom come the dark hours. Artificial lighting is key to creating the right ambience and can make or break a room’s energy.

You should place a curvy lamp on each of the bedside tables. Curvy lamps will allow a gentle and soothing glow to radiate from behind your furniture pieces, creating a really calming atmosphere. Of course, it’s not all about light sources – how you allow light to move around the space is important too. A mirror can be placed strategically in the bedroom, such as the elegant Turin Mirror, however, they must not be too large or reflect you whilst you sleep.

Cantata bed

Rearrange your furniture for balance

We spend around a third of our life in our bedrooms. As such, it’s important the energy in this space is balanced, so that we can recharge our own energy.

How you lay out your bedroom can help create that sense of balance. You should position the bed with its headboard against a solid wall, and ideally it shouldn’t be in direct line with the bedroom door. Placing bedside tables either side of the bed will certainly add balance, while putting an orchid plant in the corner diagonally opposite the bedroom door will help generate a positive energy and help contribute to your health.


Use clever storage to declutter

If your bedroom is too cluttered, any positive energy and zen cannot flow through the space. Of course, it’s not as simple as just ‘throwing stuff away’, you’ll likely need most of the things that are clogging up your bedroom – so this is where clever storage solutions come into play. A Divan Bed can provide masses of storage, with your items neatly tucked away beneath your mattress yet remaining easy to access, while an Ottoman Box could look every bit as stylish as it is practical.


Ensure you’re comfortable

Even if you’ve got everything else right, you won’t be able to relax in the bedroom unless you’re comfortable under the covers. You’ll want to be the right temperature, so choose a duvet with a tog that suits you – the Slumberland All Seasons 3 in 1 is a good choice as it can be used either as a 4.5, 9 or 13.5 tog. It’s also important to have the correct kind of pillows, as waking up with neck pain each morning will kill off any benefit you’d otherwise get from the positive energy in your home. Try choosing a pillow that’s tailored to your standard sleep position – front, side or back.

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