New human mattress dominos record set

A new world record has been set in human mattress dominos.

The event took place in Taylorsville, Utah, with students from a local school taking part.

Eisenhower Junior High School managed to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest number of human mattress dominos toppled at one time.

Mattresses were donated by a local firm and it beat a previous best set by 380 individuals in New York in September this year.

The school gymnasium was used to stage the event, with mattresses lined up with people in between.

A total of 609 were toppled in 22 seconds and teacher Clayton Borough told Fox News: “609 in 22 seconds, that’s amazing to begin with and they’re all packed in there and sandwiched like sardines, so it was hot between the plastics.”

A world record was held by Bensons for Beds for indoor human mattress dominos following a successful bid in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire saw staff and their friends participate and a total of 14 mattress dominos topple in its warehouse, creating a YouTube hit.

Bensons for Beds

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