Night owls ‘may suffer from disrupted circadian rhythms’

Night owls 'may suffer from disrupted circadian rhythms'

Night owls ‘may suffer from disrupted circadian rhythms’

Those who find it hard to rest on mattresses during the night may suffer from a condition called delayed sleep phase disorder.

According to an article on CNN, this problem is linked to problems with circadian rhythm sleep and tends to start in adolescence or early adulthood, potentially disrupting many aspects of individuals’ lives.

The blog post by sleep expert Lisa Shives explains her husband is a night owl, who has the disorder and is regularly awake long after dark, failing to nod off until very late.

Circadian rhythms are linked to the 24-hour cycle of the sun and can be disrupted by jet lag, shift work and other issues, leaving people “out of sync with what we would consider normal bed times”.

Solutions the specialist posits for adjusting sleep patterns in those with the problem include moving bedtimes slowly over weeks and small doses of melatonin.

On her own better sleep blog, Dr Shives lists among her qualifications that she has completed a fellowship in Sleep Medicine at the University of Chicago and is one of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s official spokespeople.

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