Night-time sleep ‘enhances impulse control in babies’

Night-time sleep 'enhances impulse control in babies'

Night-time sleep ‘enhances impulse control in babies’

Getting night-time slumber may improve the impulse control of babies, a study suggests.

Conducted by a team from the University of Montreal and the University of Minnesota, it indicated youngsters who get most of their rest when it is dark tend to have better executive function then those who nap more during the day.

Lead researcher and University of Montreal psychologist Annie Bernier said: “This may imply that good night-time sleep in infancy sets in motion a cascade of neural effects that has implications for later executive skills.”

Published in the journal Child Development, the report is based on analysis of 60 infants’ sleep and may provide guidance for parents purchasing children’s beds.

The experts found memory, mental flexibility and the ability to control impulses were boosted by getting the majority of shut eye during the night.

In related news, specialists from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, recently claimed memory recall skills are enhanced by getting enough sleep.

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