Parents advised to consistently enforce children’s bed times

Parents advised to consistently enforce children's bed times

Parents advised to consistently enforce children’s bed times

Parents have been advised to make sure their little ones settle down in their children’s beds at a consistent time each night to guarantee they get enough sleep.

Dr David Gozal, chair of paediatrics at Comer Children’s Hospital at the University of Chicago, said while it may be difficult for adults to enforce early bed times on a regular basis, doing so may be “one of the easiest ways to promote happy, healthy children”, according to the Marietta Times.

The specialist was the lead researcher on a recent study carried out by scientists at the University of Chicago and the University of Louisville that found youngsters who got fewer hours of shut eye and had irregular sleep patterns had a significantly greater risk of being obese.

And parents looking to redecorate their children’s sleeping quarters with new bedroom furniture may wish to purchase a soft table, after Jaime Derringer, writing for Shelter Pop, said there are a large number of the items on the market at the moment.

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