Parents advised to invest in memory foam mattresses

Parents advised to invest in memory foam mattresses

Babies may sleep better on memory foam mattresses, it has been suggested.

According to an article in the Montreal Gazette, newborn infants can benefit from good quality bedding as the materials used in cribs are important.

The news source suggests that memory foam can provide the support required by sleeping tots and could prove to be a good option for newborns, particularly as they are non-vinyl.

Additionally, “green mama” Sara Lomas, mother to eight month old Poppy, notes that products are available made from natural substances with no chemical fumes, providing a safe option for youngsters.

When buying bedroom furniture and children’s beds, she recommended: “Don’t buy the first thing that catches your eye and make use of friends who have done the test driving for you.”

She advised parents to be patient when shopping for the right items for nurseries and to decide whether these offer value for money.

Bensons for Beds sells a range of memory foam mattresses, including those suitable for children’s beds.

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