Parents advised to watch for signs of sleep deprivation

Parents advised to watch for signs of sleep deprivation

Lack of sleep can affect children’s moods and their performance at school so parents have been urged to look for signs of overtiredness.

This is according to an article in North Shore News, which points to the importance of rest for recharging the body and explains that good nutrition and having regular eating times can improve the quality of sleep.

Writer Emma Lee quotes sleep consultant Crystal DiNicolo as recommending that parents follow a number of guidelines when it comes to their offspring’s slumber.

She advises that those between three and five years old get 11 to 13 hours rest in children’s beds, five to 12 year olds have ten to 12 hours shuteye and 12 to 18 year olds sleep for nine or ten hours.

“Signs that your child isn’t getting enough sleep may include moodiness, irritability, behavioural problems, lack of concentration or motivation, hyperactivity at bedtime and clumsiness,” Ms DiNicolo states.

According to the Sleep Council, regular bedtime routines comprising of quiet play, a bath, a story and then to children’s beds can help to ensure kids sleep well.

Did you know that in the long run sleep deprivation can also increase risks of heart disease? Check out our full article here.

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