Which Pillow To Choose?

As much as we can grow attached to a favourite pillow once we find it, over time they can lose their shape, offer less support and lead to an uncomfortable night’s sleep. We recommend you refresh every two to four years, to avoid back pain and allergies. Follow our pillow guide to find your perfect bedtime partner.

Bensons for Beds | Pillow guide

Pillow firmness

How firm your pillow should be depends on what position you sleep in…

Which pillow is best for side sleepers?

Go for a firm pillow, which will keep its shape well and help support your neck, without disrupting the shape of your back. Memory foam pillows are a great choice as they’re designed to provide perfect alignment between your neck and spine. They also respond to the heat of your body and mould accordingly.

Which pillow is best for back sleepers?

If you sleep on your back, choose a medium-firm pillow. It’ll support your head by keeping it in line with the natural curve of your spine.

Which pillow is best for front sleepers?

A soft pillow will provide enough gentle support if you sleep on your front. It’ll help keep your head in line with your spine, so you don’t wake up with neck strain.

Top tip: Unsure which pillow is best for pregnancy? As most mums-to-be find sleeping on their sides most comfortable, try a firm pillow.

Bensons for Beds | Pillow fillings

Pillow fillings

Firmness sorted, it’s time to talk about the best pillow fillings…

Natural fillings

Natural fillings, such as feather and down, vary in softness – the more down, the softer the pillow. They’re light, breathable, cosy and long-lasting.

Synthetic fillings

Man-made hypoallergenic fillings are ideal if you suffer from allergies and asthma. Synthetic pillows are also easy to wash and super soft.

Top tip: If you find yourself feeling too toasty or cold at night, look out for iGel temperature regulating or microfibre pillows which are made from breathable fabrics.

Bensons for Beds | Which pillow is best

And for the kids?

As children develop, their pillow needs will change. Once they’re over a year old, start them off with a soft pillow to avoid neck strain, then increase firmness over time.

Find the perfect pillows for you and your bed here.



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