Position of bedroom furniture ‘can have an effect on health and luck’

Casa Bedroom Furniture

Casa Bedroom Furniture

Owners of bedroom furniture may wish to consider feng shui when positioning their items within their sleeping quarters.

Master Sarah McAllister, director of the Feng Shui Agency and School of Chue Feng Shui, said the art can have a huge bearing on various aspects of life.

“It has approximately a 30 per cent influence on your overall levels of health, energy and luck in life, so it is really important to get it as optimised as possible,” she noted.

Ms McAllister added each direction within a room is related to spirits and parts of the body.

Those who subscribe to the theory of feng shui may like to ensure their sleeping area conforms to its rules by buying new bedroom furniture and positioning it in the correct way.

The BBC recently reported that youngsters in Scotland are to be given tips on how to enjoy their time in bed and get high-quality sleep on a regular basis.

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