The quickest and easiest way to make your bed  

Whether you religiously make yours as soon as you’re up, only do it once in a while, straighten your duvet to hide the creases underneath, or completely ignore making it, it’s time for a quick making your bed tune up.  

We’ll detail the easiest way to do it quickly and neatly, as well as sharing some essential tips to keep your linens straight and your pillows fluffed.  

4 Quick tips to help make your bed  

Don’t do it straightaway  

If you let your bed air out for a few hours after you get up, it will actually prevent dust mites. Whereas if you make it straightaway it will trap the moisture within the duvet which is an inviting spot for dust mites to settle. When you get up, fold your duvet back to the bottom of the bed, get a window open and let everything air out. This will give the duvet and mattress time to release moisture properly.  

Wash and change your bedding at the right intervals  

Flat sheets, top sheets, covers and pillowcases should be washed every one or two weeks, while your duvet and any other blankets should be washed every three months or so. Sometimes you need to strip and wash rather than simply making your bed up.  

When changing your bedding, get your pillow over your pillowcase  

instead of simply stuffing your pillow into your pillowcase and hoping for the best, simply turn your pillowcase inside out, put your arm through it and grab the edge of your pillow. You can then roll the pillowcase over the pillow so it’s not inside out anymore.  

Quick, simple and comfortable.  

Hospital corners will leave a trim and neat finishing touch  

To create hospital corners, put the sheet on the bed and leave the ends of the sides hanging below the mattress. You simply need to lift a corner of the mattress and place the side of the hanging sheet underneath. Simply do the same with the other side of the corner and there you go.  

The simple steps to make your bed quickly and easily  

Here goes.  

  • Firstly, strip your bed making sure your mattress is flat.  
  • Take your fitted sheet and place it over your mattress. Pull the elastic as tight as it will go and fit it over each of the corners of your mattress, smoothing it out with your hand as you work.  
  • If you use a top sheet, place it on top of the fitted sheet making sure it is even with the head of your mattress (where your pillows usually are), with the edges hanging over the sides. 
  • Tuck the sheet in on both sides under the mattress, making sure only the sides are secure.
  • At the foot of the bed, pull the top sheet down from the middle creating a diagonal fold – you should then tuck this under your mattress making sure it’s tight before doing the same on the other side.  
  • Fold the sheet down at the top of your bed making a crisp even edge and fold the sides under the mattress.  
  • Put your fluffed up pillows neatly at the head of the bed and place your duvet over the top sheet.  

And there you go. Now it’s time to get practicing for National Make Your Bed Day.  

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