Santa Claus ‘needs a bed on Christmas night’

Santa Claus 'needs a bed on Christmas night'

Santa Claus ‘needs a bed on Christmas night’

Santa Claus is putting his health at risk by not finding a bed and catching some sleep in the early hours of December 25th, warn experts.

Franco Cappuccio and Michelle Miller of the University of Warwick Medical School have carried out research into the fictional character’s movements as he bids to deliver presents to children around the world.

The result is that by going without sleep for so long, Father Christmas is putting both his own health and that of the youngsters he visits in danger.

And while they are tucked up in kids’ beds, Santa is likely to be suffering from sleep deprivation

“Lack of sleep will make him drowsy, his vigilance will fade and his ability to think and remember will diminish. He could fall asleep at the reins and crash his sleigh,” explain the pair.

A recent survey by Sudafed found people who do not go to bed for long enough are putting their performance at work under threat.

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