Six simple nutrition tips from Madeleine Shaw

We all know how difficult it can be to follow (and stick to!) a healthy diet. There’s always the temptation of a bit of chocolate here, or a desert there, which is why many of us end up scrapping a fad diet just as quickly as we started it! But it doesn’t have to be this way. We sat down with food blogger Madeleine Shaw. She’s given us her expert’s opinion on how to incorporate some healthier foods into your busy schedule, so you can lead a happier, healthier lifestyle.


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Eating the Rainbow: using a colour chart is a useful way to plan out all your meals, and is a fun way to encourage younger members of the family to eat more fruits and vegetables! Just pop it on the fridge and you’re good to go.

Mindful eating: for many of us, eating is something we do out of necessity, but when was the last time you sat down for a meal and gave yourself plenty of space to enjoy your food without rushing? Every once in a while, take the time to sit down, put your phone in another room and enjoy every mouthful. Notice the texture, the taste and savour how it makes you feel.

Eating locally: this is a great excuse to eat out, plus it gives you the opportunity to sample fresh ingredients that have been sourced from local suppliers. Why not see if there’s a market in your local area? This can often work out cheaper than going to the supermarket, and could even be even more delicious!

The 80/20 method: This is a great method to keep in mind. It’s important to understand that you don’t have to eat healthily or ‘clean’ all the time, so trying to eat healthily about 80% of the time, and relaxing your rules for the remaining 20%, will mean you’re leading a relatively healthy lifestyle, but also giving yourself time to relax and enjoy a slice of cake at a party! If you follow this method, rather than trying to eat healthily 100% of the time, you’ll have a better chance of success!

Eat more plants: if choosing a fully plant-based diet seems like too much, why not switch to eating purely plant-based foods during the week, and then allowing yourself to eat meat on weekends? This way, you can reap many of the benefits of eating more plants, without fully committing.

Stay hydrated: we all have busy lives, which can make remembering to drink enough water a challenge. Try keeping a water bottle with you throughout the day to sip at – this will help keep you energised, decrease bloating and help to prevent the temptation of afternoon sugary snacks! It’s also worth downloading the Daily Water app to help you keep track of how much you’re drinking, and remind you to drink more if needed.

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