Is your sleep affected when you move to a new house?

This will depend on you as a person. If you’re naturally a good sleeper, the long days packing and heavy lifting could contribute to you falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. If you tend to not sleep well, or you have the occasional bad night, moving to a new house could exacerbate this.

How could this affect my sleep?

There are many reasons why the process of moving to a new home could affect your sleep, chief among them being stress and the unfamiliar surroundings.

The stress of moving to a new house

Moving to a new house is thought to be up there with the most stressful things you do in life.

There’s all the packing to sort out, coordinating things on the day and then settling into your new home. If you’ve bought the property, rather than renting, you’ll have the added stress of navigating the legal process and keeping your fingers crossed nothing happens to make the sale fall through. That’s a stressful situation to be in.

If you’re having sleepless nights in the run up to the move, this will decrease your body’s production of melatonin (the sleep hormone associated with sleep cycles) and increase the production of stress hormones. This in turn will continue to impact the quality of sleep you get creating a continuous cycle of poor sleep.

Sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings

The room will feel different, the house will make unfamiliar noises, and there may be more light coming into the room from outside sources like street lights. Your new neighbours may be night owls too.

All these factors when combined can really affect your sleep in your new environment. You may also be concerned about how the kids will settle in their new surroundings, which could heighten any stress and anxiety you feel about the move.

Assisting your sleep in your new home – top tips

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help create the right environment for sleep in your new home. Here are our top tips:

  1. Practice mindfulness daily and before bed

This could include meditation during the day, rhythmic breathing exercises before bed that focus on guided imagery, or simply letting everything go before you hit the hay. Learn more about meditation techniques to help you sleep.

  1. Cut out any celebratory booze on your first night

Alcohol may seem like the perfect tonic to help you sleep, but the opposite is actually true. You may fall asleep fairly quickly, but once the alcohol is metabolised into your system it will wake you up, resulting in broken and poor sleep thereafter. If you know you’ve been stressed and have struggled to sleep, resist those glasses of fizz on the first night.

  1. Invest in the right mattress

Moving house is the perfect time to update your mattress. If you were having sleep problems before the move, this could have been due to an old or uncomfortable mattress. It’s important to select one that caters to your specific sleeping position, and that regulates the temperature keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. The iGel mattresses available from Bensons for Beds are perfect.

  1. Get into your routine as soon as possible

Decent sleep is all about creating a routine that your body becomes accustomed to – that means going to be bed and getting up consistently at the same times. Unfortunately, the long list of things you have to do when moving to a new house can affect this, but it’s important to not let it. That means resisting the urge to unpack late into the night and opt for bed instead – the boxes will still be there when you wake.

  1. Create your sleep sanctuary quickly

When unpacking try to prioritise the bedrooms first. This will help the kids sleep well, but it will also help you too. Get the boxes unpacked (too much mess in your bedroom will add to your stress levels) and create a relaxing, cosy sleep sanctuary as quick as you can. It will make a big difference to your first few nights, helping you settle in quickly.

Happy moving. And good luck!

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