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Is your smartphone keeping you up at night? Studies show that late-night usage of digital devices can severely disrupt your sleeping pattern and negatively impact your health[1]. Used correctly, however, they can help you get the perfect night’s sleep. Bensons for Beds has rounded up a list of sleep-aiding apps, to keep you from tossing and turning at night. 

Relax Melodies

Sleeplessness is a widespread issue in the UK, with just 1% of the population feeling completely refreshed when they wake up in the morning[2]. As the nation’s favourite bed specialist, we’re committed to improving that figure by providing the best beds and mattresses to customers across the country – but according to our Big Sleep Report, discomfort isn’t even half the issue. Life and work stress make up the bulk of people’s sleeping problems, proving that people are struggling to switch off more than just their smartphones when they tuck in at night.

Combat sleeplessness and stress with Relax Melodies. This highly-commended app is available for free on iOS and Android. It offers a mix of ambient sounds and white noise to help you drown out distractions, as well as a series of guided meditations to help you battle stress and anxiety. Leave your phone on the bedside table and take back control of your sleep with Relax Melodies.

Sleep Cycle

Just as our memory foam mattresses are built to seamlessly support you overnight, Sleep Cycle is designed to track your movements and sleeping patterns, so you can learn to have a better night’s sleep, every night.

Recommended by The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, Sleep Cycle analyses your sleeping cycles and wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase. This intelligent alarm clock allows you to feel relaxed and rested in the morning, and is available with a 30-day free trial on both iOS and Android. According to our Big Sleep Report, 42% of people already wake up using a smartphone. Wake up in a more natural way with Sleep Cycle.



Bedtime stories aren’t just for children. In fact, reading before bed can be part of a sleep-inducing routine that gradually winds your body down towards bedtime[3]. Yet it can be hard to find the time to dip into a good book, particularly if you’ve got children to tuck into bunk beds and work in the morning. If that sounds familiar, try Audible.

Audible gives members access to an audio library of over 200,000 titles, including the latest best sellers, and all-time favourites. Turn off the lights and snuggle up to your duvet with last year’s best-selling The Book of Dust, narrated by Michael Sheen. Or, binge the action of Game of Thrones without straining your eyes, thanks to Audible.


According to our Big Sleep Report, over 25% of men and women blamed their bedroom environment for effecting their sleep. While having a comfortable mattress is considered the most important part of getting a good night’s sleep, the ambience of your room can have a big impact on your kip. We’re trying to combat that with innovations like the Mylight Bed Light, which responds with a soft glow of light whenever you enter or exit a room, so you don’t have to stumble around in the dark.

Delicate lighting is proven to help you wake up slowly and naturally, giving your body time to adjust to your surroundings. Sunriser takes this a step further, calculating your position to wake you up with the sunrise.


Use your smartphone properly to sleep right and wake up well, with Bensons for Beds.





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