How to sleep better during hay fever season

Hay fever affects 1 in 4 people in the UK, with symptoms peaking between late March and September when the weather is warm, humid and windy – and when pollen count is at its highest. 

With the hay fever season now in full swing, 16 million of us will be suffering from bouts of sneezing, red eyes and irritation of the throat, mouth and nose. But it’s not just our daytime routines which are affected; hay fever can wreck havoc on our quality of sleep during the summer months, too.

Fortunately, Bensons for Beds sleep expert Stephanie Romiszewski has advised her top tips to reduce the likelihood of hay fever hindering your sleep:

Wash yourself (including hair!) and your bedding (including mattress pillows and duvet not just covers) with hot water. Pollen is sticky – get rid of as much of it as you can before you even get to bed.

Dehumidify! Do you find your house to be damp? Reduce dampness with a dehumidifier to reduce the accumulation of mould spores which you may find also irritates your airways.

Keep the windows closed during the day to avoid pollen entering your bedroom for the night time.

Hoover your room and curtains every night before bed and especially on high pollen count days.

Don’t underestimate the power of a healthy sleep routine. Regardless of how you sleep, get up the same time every day, don’t go to bed until you’re sleepy (whilst still maintaining a consistent opportunity to sleep every day if needed) and avoid napping during the day especially during hay fever season. The more you veer away from this pattern, the more interruptions at night will keep you awake for longer and will start to become habitual (ie even when the hay fever isn’t waking you up, your brain will).

“This last point is important,” Stephanie says. “Hay fever will not last forever, but poor behaviour when we have hay fever can make the sleep problems associated with hay fever last for much longer. Don’t underestimate the power of your own behaviour!”

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