Sleep ‘can boost memory function’

Sleep 'can boost memory function'

Sleep ‘can boost memory function’

Better memory has been linked by a team of researchers to getting enough sleep.

According to a study by experts from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, those who spend more time on mattresses have better recall skills than those who spend less time with bedroom furniture.

Co-author of the research Jessica Payne remarked: “In our fast-paced society, one of the first things to go is our sleep.

“I think that’s based on a profound misunderstanding that the sleeping brain isn’t doing anything.”

Writing in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science, she explained that the organ uses slumber to reorganise information and memories, which can help people to generate ideas.

A study of subjects’ brain activity as they rested indicated higher levels of activity in the areas of the brain linked to memory and emotion.

Dr Payne added that she now secures eight hours’ shut eye each night, having reviewed her own data and witnessed the benefits of doing so.

The Sleep Council’s Jessica Alexander recently commented on the physical and mental effects of lack of sleep, noting that tiredness can affect concentration and performance levels.

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