How sleep can make you the best version of you

As one of the main pillars of health, sleep helps to improve our mental and physical state, as well as contributing to a more youthful appearance (better than any beauty serum out there!). Getting into a good sleep routine helps our bodies to heal and grow, and better still, getting more sleep is a realistic resolution that we can all keep to.

We sat down with the Bensons for Beds resident sleep expert, Stephanie Romiszewski, to get the lowdown on how we can make some positive changes to our sleep quality.

“Try and steer away from a regimented list of changes. We’re all human and stretching ourselves with complex new rules is stressful and unrealistic. Instead, make improving your sleep your resolution because it affects everything about you and your wellbeing.”

To start your journey to a better quality of sleep, try regulating your sleep pattern – aim to wake up at the same time every day. However, you should only go to bed when you start to feel sleepy, as restricting yourself to early bedtimes can cause anxiety and affect your sleep pattern.

Top Tip: remember, focusing on the quality of your sleep is helpful, but focusing on the quantity of your sleep is not.

Stephanie’s top five tips to kickstart your sleep routine: 

If you’re working on your fitness levels this year, sleep will help! Our muscle growth and repair processes are more effective when we sleep, so having regular, consistent sleep opportunities to aid gym sessions is more beneficial than squeezing in further exercise.

Give yourself permission to stay up later if you aren’t sleepy to avoid pre-bedtime anxiety.

Try to stay consistent with the amount of sleep opportunity you get each night.

Get plenty of light in the mornings to reduce your melatonin (sleepy hormone) levels. This will make you feel more alert, happy and ready to face the day ahead! Better still, get yourself a light alarm so you can wake up naturally to light instead of a noisy, abrupt alarm.

Be realistic with yourself and what you want from your new sleep routine. Don’t be militant and set yourself up to fail, and don’t stop doing the things you love just to stick to an unrealistic sleep routine. So long as you’re sticking to the new routine most of the time, you will see results.

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