Sleep deprivation ‘increases risk of heart disease’

Sleep deprivation 'increases risk of heart disease'

Sleep deprivation ‘increases risk of heart disease’

People who do not get enough sleep on mattresses each night are at increased risk of life-threatening conditions, according to new research.

A study carried out by Warwick Medical School and published in the European Heart Journal found lack of sleep to be linked to strokes and heart attacks.

Professor Francesco Cappuccio of the institution explained an individual who sleeps for less than six hours a night and has disturbed slumber is 48 per cent more likely to develop or die from heart diseases, as well as having a 15 per cent greater chance of suffering or dying from a stroke.

“The trend for late nights and early mornings is actually a ticking time bomb for our health so you need to act now to reduce your risk of developing these life-threatening conditions,” he argued.

It comes after the Great British Sleep Study revealed only 39 per cent of the population is happy with the amount of rest they get each night.

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