Sleep disruption ‘high in IT specialists’

Sleep disruption 'high in IT specialists'

Sleep disruption ‘high in IT specialists’

Those working in IT often suffer from sleep problems, specialists in India have found.

According to researchers from the University of Mysore, insomnia is prevalent among software engineers, the Medical News reports.

A study of 91 individuals between 21 and 45-years-old discovered lack of adequate time spent resting on mattresses is affecting the quality of life of such professionals, potentially leading to conditions such as coronary heart disease and depression.

Sara Sarrafi Zadeh and Khyrunnisa Begum have published a paper in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life suggesting the physical and mental health of IT workers may be at risk as a result of sleep problems.

“In view of the serious health consequences of insomnia in software engineers who are at high risk, suitable awareness programs should be developed as a preventative measure,” the researchers concluded.

According to the authors, medical professionals need to do more to recognise and tackle the issue.

In related news, researchers in the US recently warned experiments on hamsters indicated having light even at a low level in bedrooms may disrupt sleep and lead to depression.

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