Sleep ‘has both physical and mental effect’

Sleep has both physical and mental effect

Sleep has both physical and mental effect

The body uses the period during which people are asleep to both physically rest and process information in the brain, an expert asserts.

Jessica Alexander of the Sleep Council explained that time spent on mattresses is importance in allowing individuals to process the things they experience during the day, with emotional stability and sensitivity to ailments affected by a lack of it.

“As more and more research reveals, if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re more tired, your concentration goes and your performance is lowered,” she stated.

Her comments come after a study published in the journal Sleep indicated that extrovert, sociable people are more likely to suffer from disrupted slumber than their more reserved counterparts.

Carried out by the Walter Reed Army Institute in Maryland, outgoing subjects’ rest was found to be broken at night when they were exposed to socialising during the day, while introverts were less likely to be affected in this way.

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