Sleep Horoscopes: What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

We all sleep a little differently, whether we toss and turn or lie flat throughout the night. At Bensons for Beds, we don’t care how you sleep as long as you sleep well, but researchers have dedicated serious effort to studying the positions that you sleep in and what that could mean about your personality and health. We’ve rounded up a couple of reports to figure out if the way you sleep has anything to say about who you are:


Side Sleepers

Foetal Position

Those who sleep in the foetal position lie on their side and hug their knees up towards their chest. This position was adopted by 41% of individuals in a 1,000-person study conducted by the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service[1]. The study linked this position with people who are shy, conscientious, and slow to reveal emotion.

Cuddling up to your bedding in this position might seem cosy and warm, but it could be the cause of discomfort when you’re waking up. This is because you are sleeping with your back curved in a non-neutral alignment, which can result in undue stiffness in the morning.

The Log

Sleeping on your side with your arms alongside you is called the Log. The same study found that 15% of sleepers adopt this position, linking it to easy-going sociable people. It is good for your back, keeping your spine naturally aligned, and it can also combat snoring. It’s recommended that those who sleep in this position support their neck with thick and firm pillows.

The Yearner

If you sleep on your side with your arms out in front of you, you are adopting a position called the Yearner. Roughly 13% of those in the study adopted this position, which labelled them as open yet cynical, and more than a little stubborn. The Yearner is also a good position to avoid snoring, but the extended arms can put pressure on your neck and shoulders, potentially explaining any upper-body discomfort. At Bensons for Beds, we offer side sleeper pillows that’re perfect for combatting this very problem.

Back Sleepers

The Soldier

Sleeping flat on your back with your arms at your sides isn’t the most common sleeping position, but it is one of the best for your back and your digestion. Just 8% of people in the study were observed sleeping in this position. The study suggested that these people were quiet and unfussy individuals.

Try our back sleeper pillow if you find yourself settling into this neutral position at night.

The Starfish

Hated by partners the world over, the Starfish is another relatively uncommon sleeping position with plenty of health benefits. 5% of people studied adopted this position, and they were perceived as compassionate, friendly individuals who – ironically – put the needs of others before themselves. This gung-ho mattress hogging shape is excellent for your back, particularly if you have a supportive memory foam, pocket sprung, or orthopaedic mattress. However, it can lead to snoring.

Front Sleepers

The Freefaller

Just 7% of people in this study adopted the Freefaller position, where you lie on your front with your arms-up. The same study linked this position to brash individuals who generally dislike criticism and extreme scenarios. It is reportedly a good position for those who suffer with digestive issues. However, with your head turned to the side, your neck will be turned at an uncomfortable angle and can result in stiffness and pain when you wake up in the morning[2]. Counteract this strain with one of our tapered front sleeper pillows. 

Sleep well however you sleep, with Bensons for Beds.




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