Sleep ‘reduces risk of winter illness’

Sleep 'reduces risk of winter illness'

Sleep ‘reduces risk of winter illness’

Getting adequate sleep is important during the winter months to ensure immune systems are kept strong.

This is according to an article for the Metro, which outlines advice from health experts on how to get enough slumber to fight off illness during the cold, dark months of the year.

Noting those securing less than seven hours of shut eye a night, the news source suggests taking a break can help people recover if they are feeling tired, stressed or under the weather.

Activities recommended to assist with this include having a warm bath before heading for mattresses and bed frames, self-massage, drinking herbal teas and using eye masks to sleep.

GP and specialist Dr Sarah Brewer advised: “Most rest and repair occurs when we are asleep and our growth hormone is secreted.”

The Sleep Council provides advice about ways to no off, including investing a comfortable bed, keeping regular hours and creating relaxing spaces with bedroom furniture and decor.

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