Forget being ‘hangry’ – modern brits are more likely to be ‘tangry’ (tired and angry), according to our Sleep Relationship Survey

In a nationwide poll, we found Brits to be in the grips of a tiredness epidemic, with millions of us struggling with extreme mood swings due to lack of sleep. 

In fact, nearly one in five (18 percent) say they constantly row with their partner because they feel exhausted in their daily lives.

And it seems that lack of sleep may be compromising our relationships, as the study found that 17 percent of Brits will cancel social plans if they’ve not slept well the night before.

15 percent also admit that their personality changes when they are tired, changing them from a social butterfly to a grumpy hermit.

More than a fifth (21 percent) of irritable Brits confess they swear under their breath at everything when they’re worn-out, and the same number will burst into tears at the slightest thing.

And a whopping 87 percent of us said tiredness makes us completely intolerant – especially it seems in the workplace.

In fact, one in twenty admit they regularly slam the phone down at work, 8 percent snap at co-workers and 16 percent admit they often get the wrong end of the stick.

Almost a quarter (23 percent) of Brits admit they are so tired on a day-to-day basis that they are unable to concentrate properly at work.

According to the data 82 percent of those polled said they get less than the recommended seven hours sleep a night.

Other side-effects of exhaustion include losing your temper when tech plays up (22 percent), shouting at your kids at the slightest provocation (13 percent), and behaving aggressively behind the wheel (9 percent).

Money worries, unsurprisingly, are the number one thing that keeps Brits awake at night (42 percent), whereas 29 percent said problems at work left them tossing and turning most nights.

Nearly a third (32 percent) of the 1,500 adults polled said physical pain and discomfort meant they often didn’t get enough sleep, and almost a quarter (25 percent) said relationship worries left them lying awake until the early hours.

More than half of those polled said they know instantly what kind of mood they are going to be in when they get out of bed, claiming they are irritable from the second they open their eyes.

Helen Nunn, Marketing Director at Bensons said:

“This research proves the importance of rest. Our moods are bound to be affected if we haven’t had enough sleep and it escalates if we are having a bad or particularly busy day and don’t have a chance to rest. That’s why Sleep WellnessⓇis at the heart of everything we do at Bensons for Beds, as we recognise how important sleep is for everyday life – not just for the individual’s wellbeing, but their relationships with their friends and families too.”

The study found almost three in ten (29 percent) adults have been told they have looked exhausted and 25 percent of us worry we will never catch up on our missed sleep.

Thirty percent of those questioned spend their days longing for the point they can get back to bed, and 14 percent worry their relationship is suffering due to their lack of sleep.

The average Brit says their fatigue peaks at around 1.10pm.

It’s not surprising then, that more than three quarters (76 percent) of those polled said they often feel guilty or regret their behaviour after a terrible night’s sleep.

Commenting on the research, our in-house sleep expert Sophie Bostock said:

“This survey is a valuable reminder that our sleep, wellbeing and behaviour are intimately linked. Lack of sleep alters the emotional control centres of the brain, making us more sensitive to stress, more impulsive, more aggressive and less able to empathise. We can lash out in ways we later regret.

“If your friend, colleague or partner is acting out of character – before you shout back – ask them how they are sleeping. Positively, protecting your sleep is a powerful way to improve your mental health.


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