Sleep rhythms ‘can be disturbed by arthritis’

Sleep rhythms 'can be disturbed by arthritis'

Having arthritis can have a negative impact on sleep, new research indicates.

According to a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University Medical School in Baltimore, pain control can help sufferers to get enough rest.

Dr Grant Louie, who led the study at the Maryland institution, explains that lack of effective treatment can result in sleepless nights.

The research covering data relating to 23,134 adults indicates that those with arthritis experienced average sleep disturbance rates of 23 per cent, compared with 16 per cent for those without the condition.

Other sufferers who struggled to get adequate shuteye include those with heart disease, diabetes and acid reflux, as well as obese subjects, Reuters reports.

Sleep disturbances include failing to get more than six hours continuous rest, difficulty nodding off, excessive snoozing during the day and insomnia.

Meanwhile, experts from the University at Buffalo, New York recently warned that experiments have indicated a potential link between the risk of developing diabetes and lack of adequate sleep.

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