5 Space-saving bedroom ideas

In need of some small bedroom hacks to make your space feel less cave-like? Bensons for Beds’ senior visual merchandiser Jessica Rotherforth has some small-bedroom inspiration to help turn your space into zen-like sanctuary of your dreams.

1. Make a plan (and measure up)

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just want to make better use of the space in your existing bedroom, preparation is key. Grab a tape measure to work out exactly how much room you have to play with, so there are no nasty surprises later when something doesn’t fit.

Next, do a quick sketch of your bedroom (it doesn’t have to be artistic!) showing where immovable objects like radiators, windows and doors are and how much space they take up.

2. Go neutral

For small bedrooms, keep things simple and go for neutral tones as much as possible, including your flooring (if you can). Lighter colours tend to brighten up spaces, which will make your bedroom feel larger, while dark walls will close everything down.

Moreno bedroom furniture for a small bedroom | Bensons for Beds blog

3. Mirror, mirror

Go for mirrored pieces or accessories. Perfect for small bedrooms, they bounce light around your space, which will make it appear bigger and brighter. Room still seem dark? Try placing a mirror behind a light source, such as a bedside lamp, to maximise every ray.

4. Choose the right furniture

Think carefully about what furniture will work best for your space. Pieces in simple shapes will stop small bedrooms feeling too busy and crowded – the pared-back, understated style of the Moreno range for example, is perfect.

It’s also worth considering over-the-bed units. They may seem bulky, but they’re actually a great choice if you’re short on floor space.

Top tip: Don’t feel like you need to stick with the first way you lay out your furniture. Once you’ve sketched your space and know your bedroom dimensions, swap round your unit configurations if you see a better option.

Storage beds for small bedrooms | Bensons for Beds blog

5. Think about storage

Choosing the right type of storage is key for small bedrooms. While beds with two or four drawers may seem like a good idea, people can sometimes bring them home to find that two of the drawers can’t be pulled out anyway, because other furniture or walls are in the way.

Ottomans or bed frames which lift up are ideal for small or narrow rooms as you get the storage you want, in a style best fit for your space. For the same reason, consider wardrobes with sliding or concertina doors rather than traditional hinge doors that open out into your bedroom.

Lastly, choose furniture that can serve more than one purpose. Blanket or ottoman boxes are a great buy because they offer seating and storage in one.

Make your small bedroom feel bigger by choosing the right bed frame and headboard for your space.

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