Snoring ‘affecting Aussie women’s love lives’

Snoring 'affecting Aussie women's love lives'

Snoring and night-time noises made by their partners are having a detrimental effect on the love lives of Australian women, research shows.

A study for Fisher and Paykel Healthcare suggested 50 per cent of female respondents believe that the problem has affected romance with their partner, the Australia Associated Press reports.

The poll of 500 women across the country also revealed 40 per cent of those quizzed have chosen to sleep in a different room in order to avoid lying on mattresses next to a snoring partner.

In six per cent of cases, night-time noise was so problematic that it had led to the break-up of relationships and 30 per cent of women admitted to having arguments prompted by snoring while 13 per cent had pressed partners to seek help from a doctor.

Recent research by experts from the University of California, San Diego highlighted the importance of good sleep for women by suggesting that adequate rest can prolong longevity

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