Spain holds national siesta contest

Spain holds national siesta contest

A competition to find the best sleeper in Spain is being held in Madrid.

The first national siesta championship held in the country is taking place at a shopping centre and saw naps limited to 20 minutes, the optimal time advised by doctors for a refreshing snooze, CNN reports.

Pulse monitors were attached to sleepers and points given for a range of factors, including unusual night clothes and snoring.

The Islazul shopping centre is sponsoring the contest, which runs until October 23rd, with the overall winner being selected by votes, both those by shoppers and internet users.

President of organising body the National Association of Friends of the Siesta, Daniel Blanco, told the news source: “The modern life is a danger that we feel is against the siesta. When you sleep la siesta everyone has the image that your life is calm, you have a good life.”

Research published earlier this year by experts from Harvard Medical School discovered that people who napped after completing a memory task were more likely to finish it quickly if they tried again.

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