Style School: School’s out for summer

School’s out for summer! For many parents, this phrase probably brings with it equal measures of fear and excitement. The kids are off for six weeks, normal life will be turned upside down, but there’s plenty of fun to be had too!

It’s important that the kids have a fun space to play in the home. This could be part of the living room, their own playroom or most likely their bedroom. With the holidays on the horizon it’s the perfect time to revamp their bedrooms to make a fun-filled space in time for summer.

Here’s where you should start.

Find the right balance

When looking for kids’ bedroom ideas you’ll need to find the right balance between something that reflects their personality and something that they won’t quickly get bored of (you don’t want to be decorating again in a month’s time). You’ll also want to find something that fits in with the rest of the house as much as possible.

Let them have their say

As the school holidays roll around the corner, you’ll be eagerly looking for kids’ activities to keep them entertained. Designing the look and redecorating their bedroom is an activity in itself and a great way to increase the entertainment factor. It is important to provide them with different style and colour options to ensure they feel included along the way – It gives them real ownership and a sense of pride about their space too.  Allowing them some time out to decide on their theme will free up your time to concentrate on other household jobs

It will also be fun and a great way to spend time (and work) together.

Think of fun ways to incorporate what they like

Think about their favourite TV characters at the minute and how these could be incorporated into the design, maybe posters or paintings. Consider old skateboards as shelves for the skater in the family, displays of their own artwork to show their creative side, or perhaps even their very own climbing wall for the true adventurers – just make sure it’s safe!

Avoid wallpaper

Wallpapering is time consuming and a laborious task – especially with a kid’s bedroom when they may change their mind too often for your liking. Instead opt to paint the walls with a neutral colour and choose wall stickers to cater for their individual tastes.

Choose plain furniture

When choosing your bedroom furniture, go plain and classic as this gives you the option to style a specific look around it. For example, choose a neutral white bed frame and then bring the theme in through your choice of duvet and bed covers. This ensures the longevity of the bed and enables you to change the design up quickly and easily.

Get them involved with the furniture build

As well as getting involved with the fun jobs, the kids should get involved on the construction side too- if they’re old enough of course. Helping to build the beds, bedroom furniture pieces and decide on the overall layout of the room will ensure it feels like theirs. They may even discover a hidden talent too.

Get the storage right

When it comes to decorating and refurnishing kids’ bedrooms, it’s all about getting the storage right. You’ll need loads of it, and probably more than you first think. A bed with built-in storage is ideal – the kids can choose to sleep up high or lower down, depending on your choice of bed – just make sure the storage is ample. As well as storage built in to the furniture you’ll also need to invest in plenty of toy boxes, baskets, bags and plastic tubs to keep everything tidy.

Incorporating tidying up into playtime is always a good idea – make sure ample time is scheduled into their playtime to ensure things can be put away without being rushed.

For smaller children, play some fun music they enjoy during tidy up time and incorporate dancing and songs. Try and talk through the process of tidying up and explain the reasons behind it. You should also always be consistent and ensure you do it every time, so the behaviour becomes learned.

Let them draw on the walls

Stay with us!

Most kids love drawing on the walls, which can obviously be a nightmare if you’ve just redecorated. Consider bringing this in to your decorating plans by painting one wall with blackboard paint. This is a type of paint that enables you to turn your wall into a blackboard, ready to be drawn and written on with chalk. You can paint directly onto a standard emulsion paint, but you’ll need several coats to get the perfect finish. Once you’re finished they’ll be free to draw on the walls as much as they want and get creative without you worrying about the precious paintwork.

Plan it out, get them involved in the important decisions, and transform the room together. We guarantee you’ll all have fun!

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