Teen sleep ‘suffering from late night communications’

Teen sleep 'suffering from late night communications'

Teen sleep ‘suffering from late night communications’

Using technology such as mobile phones, the internet and communications devices before bed is disturbing the sleep of US teenagers and young people.

This is the finding of research published by the JFK Medical Center, which indicates this is one of a series of side effects of playing with gadgets late at night.

Specialists at the facility in Edison, New Jersey, carried out the pilot study on eight to 22 years old and discovered using text messaging and other forms of electronic communication prior to falling asleep resulted in excessive movement, leg pain and insomnia in subjects.

High rates of problems such as depression, anxiety, learning difficulties and ADHD were also found to be linked to late night technology use.

Details of the study have been revealed at a conference in Canada and lead researcher Dr Peter Polos said: “It is significant that these children are engaging in stimulating activity when they should be in an environment to promote sleep.”

The UK’s Sleep Council advocates creating a restful environment in bedrooms and investing in good bed frames and mattresses to aid slumber.

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