The coolest alarm clocks to wake up to

Let’s be honest, no one loves an alarm clock. Its job is to get you out of bed, and who in their right mind would love something that does that! But try and live without one, and after arriving late to a few morning meetings, you’ll soon realise it’s an essential purchase.

Here at Bensons for Beds, we couldn’t believe the crazy designs you can find on the internet for alarm clocks. Take look below, and feel free to comment at the bottom if you have discovered any equally wonderful alarm clocks!

Carpet alarm clock
Your alarm clock rings, without looking up your hand fumbles around your desk until you finally find the snooze button. Then silence, more sleep, until 20 minutes later when the alarm clock rings again. This viscous cycle can keep you in bed much longer than planned, so how do you stop it? With a carpet alarm clock, that’s how. This carpet alarm clock will continue to ring until you step on it with your own two feet, forcing you to get out of bed. Even better, it blends in seamlessly with your bedroom décor!

Carpet alarm clock


Glowing pillow alarm
Surely there’s a better way to wake up than receiving a loud ringing in your ears? The ‘glow pillow’ aims to give you a more natural way to wake from your slumber: when it’s time to wake up, the pillow lights up slowly and becomes brighter and brighter until you’re wide awake.

glowing pillow


Alarming ring
Does your partner get up at a different time to you? There’s no worse way to upset that special someone than to disturb his or her beauty sleep. Introducing the simply titled, “Ring”, a vibrating alarm that fits over the tip of your finger, which is triggered by the time you want to wake up. Unfortunately this alarm clock hasn’t been manufactured yet, so it can’t be purchased, however, it’s still very clever idea!

 Alarming ring


The runaway clock
As already mentioned, the snooze button can be a dangerous thing… but not when you’ve got a runaway alarm clock! Clocky gives you the chance to get up, but if you snooze it will jump off your nightstand and wheel around beeping until you find it and turn it off. Possibly annoying but also very effective… sounds like a good alarm clock to us!

Runaway alarm clock

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