Too much sleep ‘could increase stroke risk’

Too much sleep 'could increase stroke risk'

Too much sleep ‘could increase stroke risk’

Spending too long on mattresses could pose a health risk, a new study suggests.

Research by experts from the Harvard School of Public Health indicates the incident of stroke occurring may be higher in women who sleep for more than ten hours each night.

Speaking to MedPage Today, the institution’s Alan Flint explained a study of almost 70,000 nurses aged 40 to 65 found the threat of suffering such problems rose by 63 per cent in those subjects resting for more than ten hours compared with an average of seven hours.

The results were presented at the American Heart Association meeting and Dr Flint told the news source: “We do find that identifying long sleep duration is useful in marking risk, although it doesn’t immediately lead to any clinical recommendation.”

Part of a 12-month series of reports, the study also indicated spending too little time lying on bed frames can also increase the threat of stroke, with the risk found to be higher in women sleeping for six hours or fewer per night.

Elsewhere, research by a team from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, indicated that sleep helps individuals to process and organise memories and information.

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