University – your home away from home

Whether moving into halls of residence in your first year or settling into your student house or flat, it’s likely your bedroom will need some personal touches to make you feel at home.

You’ll get the bare essentials of a bed, desk and somewhere to put your clothes. It will be up to you to do the rest. Here’s how.

  1. Make your bed warm and inviting

Nothing will make your nights cosy and warm like a new luxury or premium duvet. Our Luxury Supersoft Duvet is ideal for year-round comfort and is easy to wash, while a Premium Duck Feather and Down Duvet will mould snugly around your body to promote warmth and comfort. Try the Slumberland All Seasons 3 in 1 Duvet to get the right temperature whatever the season.

Match with a Luxury Quilted Fitted Sheet for pure perfection.

  1. Don’t put up with the mattress you’re given

If your room in your student house is already equipped with a mattress on the bed, there’s no guarantee it will be the right mattress for you. And you’ll have no idea how many others have slept on it before you.

To really make your room feel like home and to promote a decent sleep invest in a memory foam mattress or opt for one with iGel technology to help regulate the temperature while you sleep.

  1. Add your own lights

Mood lighting will turn your small box room into a cosy and inviting space. Invest in a decent reading lamp to put on your bedside table, while fairy lights draped around the room will create instant atmosphere. A lava lamp will also add to the ambience as well as helping you to develop a multi-sensory bedroom.

  1. Mix and match some colourful cushions

You can liven up your bedding and seating options with some loud and colourful cushions. Experiment with cushions in a mix of your favourite loud prints – from animal to Aztec – and mix monochrome stripes and zig zags.

  1. Add some quick personal touches

If you’ve just experienced a gap year before heading to uni, or you’ve spent some of your summer exploring far flung destinations, decorate your room with one-offs from your travels to make unique focal points. Always pick something that evokes memories of places and people and will bring a smile to your face whenever you need it.

Photos and pictures of friends, family and loved ones will instantly create a personal touch.

  1. Lock the warmth in

Investing in a decent rug for the floor and textured natural fabrics in the form of throws for your furniture, will make your room feel inviting and add loads of tactile textures. Most importantly it will help retain the heat for a cosy and warm room, rather than a sterile blank slate.

  1. Invest in some new furniture

If your course demands time cracking into the prescribed reading list, you’ll want somewhere cosy, comfy and calming to get stuck into your books. Your bed should be left for sleeping – reading and working on your bed can actually negatively impact your sleep – and your desk for long hours studying.

For a comfortable reading spot, consider investing in a relaxing armchair or bench, topped with those colourful cushions for a personal touch.

When you first arrive in your new room, it won’t always feel like home, but a few simple changes can transform it from drab to fab.

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