Vapour rub ‘may help boost kids’ sleep’

Vapour rub 'may help boost kids' sleep'

Vapour rub ‘may help boost kids’ sleep’

Using a vapour rub when children have colds can reduce the symptoms and help them sleep.

This is the assertion made by researchers in the US who found that the treatment can alleviate night-time coughing and congestion.

In a new study, the team from Penn State College of Medicine tested the efficacy of vapor rubs made from menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oils in treating upper respiratory infections, which they claim are the most common forms of acute illness globally.

The facility’s associate professor of pediatrics and public health sciences Dr Ian Paul stated: “Symptoms caused by these infections are disruptive for children and often disturb sleep for both ill children and their parents, with an impact on subsequent daytime activities.”

And he added that treatments that are backed by evidence and are safe to administer are required, as studies have indicated that oral over-the-counter remedies are no more effective than placebos.

Those investing in children’s beds for their offspring could opt for mattresses that have hypo-allergenic fillings to improve kids’ sleep.

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