Wacky Bedroom Designs

Imagine waking up in a room that’s more bizarre than any of your dreams and more inspiring than any piece of art. Below we’ve some downright incredible bedroom designs; in fact we’d say they were the best on the planet (or at least the internet where we’ve been looking now for the last hour).

 Symbol bedroom

The Symbol Bedroom Propeller Hotel, Germany Like symbols? Then you’ll love this bedroom! The symbol room is decorated with around 300 wooden pieces printed with various markings. Fascinating.

Pirate bedroom

The Pirate Bedroom This room fulfils every boy’s fantasy. The main feature is a floating pirate ship, but there’s a rope bridge too and a hidden spiral side that takes you downstairs. Apparently the 6-year old boy who the room was designed for had a choice of a space ship, racecar, castle or pirate ship. We think he made the right choice!

Tron futuristic bedroom

The Tron Bedroom ICEHOTEL Jukkasjarvi, Sweden Designed by Ben Rousseau and Ian Douglas–Jones, of the UK-based Extreme Design, have brought the world of Tron to life with this super cool bedroom design. The new room is within the world’s largest ice hotel, which is located in Jukkasjarvi. Sweden.

Flintstones bedroom

The Flintstones Bedroom There was only one caveman with a bedroom as luxurious as this one, and that was Fred Flintstone! The Flintstones suite is a cave-like room with imitation furs and a bedrock-themed interior. There’s even an aqua spa massage bath for 2 and luxury bathroom with a power shower.

Graffiti bedroom

The Graffiti Bedroom Vieux Panier, Marseille, France The Vieux Panier boutique hotel in Marseille pays artists and designers to decorate each of their five bedrooms once a year. This 17th century former grocers is certainly a feast for the eyes but is probably not everyone’s cup of tea.

Fairy tale bedroom

Fairytale Bedroom What little girl wouldn’t love to have a bedroom like this? This Cinderella-inspired bedroom comes with a stunning pumpkin-shaped carriage and even a castle – it’s a room fit for a princess. However, your mum and dad would have to be royalty to pay for a designer bedroom like this, as it cost a whopping $47,000!

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